About LaVogue Interiors

LAVOGUE Furniture

We’re all about presenting new ways of seeing and experiencing your home. Our furnishings, rugs, art and scented candles are created to spark your imagination, present inventive solutions and reveal more possibilities than you ever thought possible.

The only thing that can match our love for exquisite things is our passion for helping our customers. Our approach to service is simple: we will do everything we can to make sure that you’re not just satisfied with your purchase — you’re thrilled.


interior designer // owner

Farah Abdul

Interior design has always been my passion! Over the past few years, I have redesigned and helped recreate my lovely friends and family’s homes using my creativity and love for design

And that’s how it all started! At LaVogue interiors, I strive to provide the highest level of personalised attention to our customers.  We search out the world’s most gifted artisans, find and develop fashion-forward trends, and handcraft exclusive products with you specifically in mind!